Project Publications

November - December 2016 Vol. 28, Issue 6.
Addressing Environmental Issues in America's National Parks: A Collaboration Between NASA DEVELOP and the National Park Service

January - February 2016 Vol. 28, Issue 1.
DEVELOP Project Uses NASA Data to Assess Landslide Characteristics in Rwanda and Uganda

July - August 2015 Vol. 27, Issue 4.
DEVELOP Project Uses Satellite Data to Help Control Malaria in Zanzibar

June 5, 2015
Remote Drought Monitoring in the Navajo Nation: Utilizing NASA Earth Observation Data

Feb 4, 2015
Highlight from the NASA DEVELOP National Program Fall 2014 Term: Northwest U.S. Agriculture

Oct 22, 2014
A View from Above: Wastewater Diversion Plumes in Southern California

Oct 18, 2013
Impacts of Snow Water Equivalent on Wildfire Events in the Sierra Nevada

Jan - Feb 2013 Vol. 25, Issue 1.
NASA DEVELOP Students Use NASA Satellite Data to Study Louisiana Coastal Swamp Forests

Mar - April 2012 Vol. 24, Issue 2.
DEVELOP Students Battle Wildfires from Space Using NASA Earth Observations

July - Aug 2011 Vol. 23, Issue 4.
DEVELOP Summer Students Learn Firsthand the Practical Application of NASA Earth Science Research

May - June 2011 Vol. 23, Issue 3.
Langley's DEVELOP Team Applies NASA's Earth Observations to Address Environmental Issues Across the Country and Around the Globe

Jan 27, 2011
North Carolina Coastal Management: Satellite monitoring of Coastal Wetland and Shoreline Changes in Pamlico and Albemarle Sounds, North Carolina

Nov - Dec 2010 Vol. 22, Issue 6.
NASA DEVELOP Students Rev Up Response to Gulf Oil Spill

Sep - Oct 2010 Vol. 22, Issue 5.
NASA AMES DEVELOP Interns: Helping the Western United States Manage Natural Resources One Project at a Time

July - Aug 2010 Vol. 22, Issue 4.
DEVELOP Students Use NASA Satellite Imagery to Monitor Gulf Coast Disasters

May - June 2010 Vol. 22, Issue 3.
NASA DEVELOP Students Apply Science and Technology to Public Health

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Nonpoint Source Pollution Risk Mapping for Alabama’s Big Creek Lake

Journal of Virginia Science Education. Fall/Winter 2010. Volume 4, Number 1. Anup Myneni, James Myers.
Applied, Interdisciplinary Approach to Student STEM Training and Development

IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters. October 2009. Volume 6, No. 4.D.J. Lary, L.A. Remer, D. MacNeill, B. Roscoe, and S. Paradise.
Machine Learning and Bias Correction of MODIS Aerosol Optical Depth

Inquiro. 2009. Volume 3. Nathan Renneboog, Emily Capilouto, Stephen Firsing, Kyle Levy, Marilyn McAllister, Kathryn Roa, Shveta Setia, Lili Xie, Jeff Luvall, Donna Burnett.
Spatial Analysis of Environmental Factors Related to Lyme Disease in Alabama Using NASA Earth Observation Systems

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*Underlined names signify DEVELOP participant authors