Cultivating teamwork, multi-disciplinary solutions, and open communication to bridge the gap between science and society.


Fostering rapid feasibility projects to harness ingenuity and demonstrate the applications of Earth science.


Pursuing all endeavors with energy, excitement, and enthusiasm to sustain a high level of excellence and respect.


Exploring the potential of NASA's investment in Earth science to make the extraordinary possible.

2015 Summer

175 participants worked on 38 projects. Winning Video: There's Not a Lot of Ocelots: The Search for an Endangered Feline

2015 Spring

107 participants worked on 30 projects. Winning Video: Beyond a Shadow of a Drought: Remote Monitoring in the Navajo Nation

2014 Fall

114 participants worked on 14 projects. Winning Video: Cheatgrass: Cheating the West!

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