2018 Annual Earth Science Applications Showcase

We cordially invite you to the Annual Earth Science Applications Showcase at NASA Headquarters in Washington DC, on Wednesday, August 1st. The event begins at 10:00am and concludes at 4:00pm.

The Showcase highlights the many applications of NASA Earth observations for societal benefit addressing themes such as water resources, health & air quality, ecological forecasting, disasters, and agriculture & food security. Hosted by DEVELOP and NASA's Capacity Building Program, the Showcase includes guest speakers, two poster sessions, a series of "flash talks" (short, 3-4 minute presentations) and a feature presentation beginning at 10:00am.

Please join us and learn about NASA's Applied Sciences and its many contributions to improving life here on Earth. This event is open to the public; all are welcome. Additionally please check out our node closeouts this summer here.

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Showcase Draft Agenda

(Updated 6.29.18)

10:00am - AESAS Highlight Presentation (Location: Auditorium)

  • Opening Words
  • Introduction / Program Overview - Brief overview of the Applied Sciences Program
  • Overview and Project Highlights of Application of NASA Earth Observations
  •             Water Resources
                Health & Air Quality
                Ecological Forecasting
                Agriculture & Food Security
  • Closing Remarks
  • 11:00am - Morning Poster Session* / Flash Talks (Location: Lobby)

    12:30pm - Panel discussion on the Practical Benefits of NASA Earth Observations from Alumni and End-Users (Location: Auditorium)

    1:30pm - Afternoon Poster Session* / Flash Talks (Location: Lobby)

    3:00pm - DEVELOP 20th Anniversary Presentation (Location: Auditorium)

    *28 DEVELOP Projects will be highlighted as posters: 14 projects during the morning and 14 projects during afternoon poster sessions, along with 4 Applied Sicences' Application Area posters, and 1 SERVIR, 1 ARSET, 1 Indigenous Peoples posters that will be displayed throughout the day.

    For more information follow these links:

  • NASA Applied Sciences
  • Capacity Building Program
  • 2018 Summer DEVELOP Projects:

  • Central America Agriculture & Food Security
  • New England Agriculture & Food Security
  • North Dakota & Georgia Agriculture & Food Security II
  • Hindu Kush Himalayan Disasters
  • Kenai Peninsula Disasters
  • Puerto Rico Disasters
  • Southern California Coast Disasters
  • Colombia Ecological Forecasting
  • Honduras Ecological Forecasting
  • Louisiana Ecological Forecasting
  • South Dakota Ecological Forecasting
  • New Mexico Energy
  • Richmond Health & Air Quality
  • Intermountain West Health & Air Quality
  • New Orleans Urban Development
  • US Urban Development
  • Washoe County Urban Development
  • Chao Phraya Water Resources
  • Fremont River Basin Water Resources II
  • Glen Canyon Water Resources
  • Grand Canyon Water Resources
  • Idaho Water Resources
  • Lake Michigan Water Resources
  • Osa Peninsula Water Resources II
  • Plum Island Water Resources II
  • Southern California Water Resources II
  • US Virgin Islands Water Resources
  • Utah & Colorado Water Resources