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Part of NASA's Applied Sciences Program, DEVELOP addresses environmental and policy concerns through the practical application of NASA Earth observations. DEVELOP projects apply Earth observations to the application areas of Agriculture, Climate, Disasters, Ecological Forecasting, Energy, Health and Air Quality, Oceans, Water Resources, and Weather. These projects highlight NASA Earth observation capabilities relative to environmental issues and concerns for enhanced policy and decision-making to improve life here on Earth.

The Applied Sciences' DEVELOP National Program addresses environmental and public policy issues through interdisciplinary research projects that apply the lens of NASA Earth Observing Systems to community concerns around the globe. DEVELOP bridges the gap between NASA Earth science and society, building capacity in both its participants and partner organizations to better prepare them to handle the challenges that face our society and future generations.

DEVELOP conducts feasibility projects that utilize NASA Earth observations in innovative and fresh applications that demonstrate to state and local governments how Earth observations can be utilized in their decision making process to save resources such as money and time.

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